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3 Key Revenue Generating Activities

I am often asked what I do, specifically, to generate revenue each and every day.

A few years ago, I heard it said that when you focus the first hour of your business day on a revenue-generating activity, you can double your monthly revenue.

Well, I’m always up for that kind of challenge. Aren’t you? I started doing that right away and I can assure you that it makes a significant difference in the business.

The First Hour of your Day

Most entrepreneurs start their day by connecting on social media, getting into email or just plain being distracted by ‘busy work’. Those actions are not going to get you where you want to be in your business when it comes to focus, client attraction and revenue generation.

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Let me give you 3 revenue-generating activities that I do frequently to keep my pipeline full and money in the bank.


One of the best ways to get new business is with your currently satisfied clients and customers. While they are getting the results they want, they typically are most happy to give you a referral to someone they know.

And a ‘warm introduction’ is much more effective and productive than making cold calls. So, pick up the phone today and have that conversation with your clients.


It’s what I affectionately call ‘The Entrepreneurial Christmas Letter’ – you know the one I am talking about. Every Christmas, many of us get the infamous Christmas letter from family and friends – a long letter singing the praises of a fabulous and happy year, along with photos of all the kids.

Well, in our world of business, I believe in keeping in touch this way – and sending the Entrepreneurial letter. It’s simply an opportunity to ‘reach out and touch’ everyone you know and keep them up to date on what’s going on in your world of business. What have you created? Where have you been speaking? What awards have you won? That kind of information – it’s not a sales pitch – simply a way to stay connected so people always have you uppermost in mind.


This is a pretty generic and open-ended statement but what I mean here is – do any and all follow-up on a regular basis. Send emails after having met people at a networking event. Prepare some hand-written cards to go to former clients checking in to let them know you are thinking of them. Follow up with some calls to book speaking engagements.

You can generate a lot of business in this way because most entrepreneurs fail miserably when it comes to doing any kind of follow-up. Set yourself apart from the crowd – get focused and get this done on a daily basis.

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“… approximately 55 to 65 percent of salespeople do not conduct sales follow-up. They often say they don’t have the time but they’re really afraid of what they’ll hear. Sales follow-up can result in a positive experience, even if customers were slightly displeased with your product or service.” – E-Advisor


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