Myths About Making Money Online

3 Myths About Making Money Online, Busted!

The world is more connected than it was 10 or 20 years ago. The internet has taken most of the big businesses trading around the globe. Which is why making money online has never been simpler if not easier.

It is no doubt that making money online is booming real fast. Every other day creates many internet entrepreneurs. Business people and everyday stay at home moms are working from the comfort of their homes – or the coffee shop in my case.

What used to be deemed by society as a world filled with fraud and money taking schemes is now a place of business. And what used to be reserved for the tech savvy is now an opportunity for the average person with an internet connection. All the negative impression about the internet have now been replaced by praise and opportunity? The internet has enabled people to escape or compliment their 9-5 job routine and create their own online income.

The Benefits of Doing Business Online

I am sure you have heard, many people are earning a lot of money doing business on the internet. Making money online has been a dream for many since the dawn of the world wide web. Whatever your end desire, it can be summarized as below on why many people want to start making money online.

  1. You want to take control of your income to escape the 9-5 routine or compliment your current source of income with multiple streams of income
  2. You want to create your own future by starting an online business that allows you to work from anywhere in the world, including working from home.
  3. You want to take advantage of the opportunity to reach a global market.

With all the benefits above (and more!), it is no wonder more and more people are looking at making money online. Here are the 3 myths we need to dispel about making money on the internet:

MYTH 1 – You need to be extremely good at programming and coding in order to make money online.

Not really, but knowing how to code can be an advantage but not a necessity. The internet is now in an era of drag and drop! To build an online presence, you don’t need to know how to write a single line of code.

Many times people have been told that to start making money online you will need to master the foundation of programming and all the technical knowledge. Truth be told and the good news is, you don’t have to! With all the technologies in place, you can create a website in less than 30 minutes without knowing how to code using platforms like WordPress.

MYTH 2 – You need to be selling a service.

By selling service you are exchanging time for money. You can’t pull yourself out from the equation when you sell a service. Simply put, you stop earning money online the moment you stop working. Make sense?

The better way would be to sell information products or a service that does not require your daily involvement. The best part is, you will not only be earning high margin, but you can also automate the process. What that means is, you can earn money even when you are away. Even when you are not online, those who want your products or service can buy without your involvement. Literally making money while you sleep.

MYTH 3 – You need to get a Master’s Degree in designing a website.

Scrap this. All you need is a good course, like the Virtual Lurn Summit, that teaches you the right way of doing marketing online. You need this to drive traffic to your site or product or service link.

Let’s face it, without traffic, your website is useless. The same with any brick and mortar store, without people coming to the store, there will be no sales. Marketing is an important puzzle that gives you revenue, not the look and feel of your website.

With these 3 MYTHS busted, I hope you can feel a sense of relief to start to make money online. As long as you put in the effort and are patient, you will see results.

Making money online is real. All you need to do is learn how other people are making money online. Copy that, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Vukani Nxumalo

Vukani Nxumalo is the ‘thinking’ Entrepreneur & Author of ‘the thinking book series’ and other titles. With over 10 years experience in the Marketing Communications and Financing industries, he knows just how to unpack a business’ operations to find effective ways of extracting value. An avid reader and passionate writer, when he speaks, you feel the need to just sit and listen.