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5 Tips to Build Confidence in Your Team

If you are finding it a tall order to build confidence in your team, then the following are some points that can surely help you.

1. Be Confident Yourself

No one likes to work with a person who is unsure of what he or she is doing. If you are leading a team, one of the most important things you would need to do in order to build confidence in your team would be to be totally confident yourself or, at least, you should learn how to give out that impression.

Lead by example. Whenever possible, you should accomplish some of the tasks yourself so that you can impress upon your team that your own confidence levels are high.

2. Be a Motivator

Leaders are supposed to be motivators. All through, you have to keep optimism levels high and you should coerce your team to work at their fullest potential. If someone in your team is not performing to the level you would want them to perform, then reprimanding them or comparing them with others won’t work.

Instead, see if you can give this person some responsibilities that they can handle well. Remember that everyone has talents; a good leader is one who can see them.

3. Set Easily Realizable Goals

It is an absolute fallacy to give your team a workload that you know they won’t be able to handle.

When your team with inevitably fail to achieve these goals, they will definitely become demoralized and they won’t even feel able to handle the smaller tasks that will come their way in future. Hence, you need to give them simple goals when you are building their confidence, and probably break them down into easily reachable milestones so that they work with better confidence.

4. Provide Incentives

Incentives needn’t be just monetary. Even a simple word of praise or some kind of appreciation such as awarding them “Employee of the Month” would be a great incentive for people in a team to work better.

You could try giving your people such incentives to enhance their productivity. Make sure to announce the incentives beforehand if you want people to work for them.

5. Always Keep Challenging Your Team

A team that isn’t challenged all the time is at the risk of getting stagnated. There will be no growth if your team keeps doing the same thing over and over again. That is the reason you should always try to challenge your team.