5 Ways to Place yourself firmly on the Path of Success!

Picture your industry as a massive electrical circuit. The money doing the rounds is the electricity – the energy that keeps things moving. You, O entrepreneur, have awakened to discover that you are one of those inexplicable plastic bits in the top left corner. Ask yourself, are you in the path of Success? If not…

Are you willing to accept this position? Too many entrepreneurs are. It was never appointed to them, and, sitting way out on the periphery, they pass their days complaining that the energy never comes their way. To wit; they are broke, but doing nothing about it.

Your mission is to leave that corner; cease and desist in your role as an inexplicable plastic bit and move yourself to a more prominent place in the circuitry. In other words, your job is to go and get in the way of the energy.


You must position yourself in its path, in order to become electrified. (For the purposes of this illustration we’re not going to say ‘electrocuted,’ which would be more comical). In the simplest terms, your job is to go and be where the energy is.

We tend to make a habit out of repeat behaviour, even when it isn’t getting results, and nowhere is this more obvious than in a failure to get in the way of energy; the classic: ‘Doing things the way they’ve always been done’ scenario.


To answer this question, let’s zoom back and take a good look at how the entire circuit works. There are key people, in certain positions, who control the power. They have the money and they spend it. Like little electronic jugglers, they throw the energy out and it comes back to them.

You need to meet these people. You need to be a face and a voice in the minds of the key circuitry. You need to cause it to be the case that when high-level players push energy out into the circuitry, you are the logical channel through which it flows. You have to become known.


  1. Do the big names in your own company know who you are? It’s important for career growth.
  2. Do the big players in your industry recognise your face? It’s important for sales.
  3. Are you attending the industry conventions with the goal of meeting these people, and becoming a known entity, positioned to be used in their future endeavours? It’s important for growing your business.
  4. When last did you write a letter to a key part of the circuitry? The energy does not simply come to you.
  5. Don’t be content to remain an anonymous plastic bit on the periphery of the circuit. There is plenty of energy out there! Next time you travel anywhere, count the Range Rovers, and then go ahead and say that there’s no money doing the rounds!

It’s out there. But it’s under no obligation to come to you. You have to put yourself in its way. Make sure that, when the energy flows, you are the logical channel. Meet the people. Make them remember you. Place yourself firmly in the way of Success Energy!