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7 Simple Facebook Marketing Tactics

When consumers are thinking of buying a product or service, they go to the internet to do a little research. Social media profiles are often amongst the top results in search listings for brand names. And Facebook Marketing is by far the best.

Consumers will probably see your Facebook page before they see your website. That should tell you how important it is to use your Facebook Marketing to create and build a trustworthy brand. In fact, that is the first place you want to make a lasting impression. These days social media channels double as search engines too. And many times, consumers go directly to Facebook or other social media channels for research.

Build Trust Using Social Connections

While your website is filled with information about your products or services, social media can work to build trust with consumers by allowing them to see beyond the advertising. You want them to connect with your brand. Let them see what a company is about daily as the content changes.

Social Media Tactics to use on Facebook

Each one of the tactics below is simple and easy to do but when you take in the overall effect, you will see how your Facebook Page will help consumers believe they can trust you and that you are the right choice.

ONE: Verify your page

At one time Facebook only allowed celebrities and major brands to verify their pages so you would know it was the real person or brand and not an imposter. Now, if you are a legitimate company, you can get verified too. You do need proof you are a real business by providing a business phone number, a utility bill with the business name or your articles of incorporation.

TWO: Use Personal Branding

Be sure to use your branding elements when creating your page. Stay consistent with your logo, color scheme, and style. You don’t have to be too serious unless that is your brand. Let your fans see the social side of your brand. It doesn’t always have to be about advertising. You want your fans to relate with your brand in a way that makes want to support you.

THREE: Write Your About Page

Here is where you can really say something about your core values as a business and let consumers know important company details. You can add links to other social media accounts, link to your website or specific products, and include all your contact information.

More than anything you want to write a story that will convince your fan you are the company or brand they should be doing business with. Use the about section to relate to your fans.

FOUR: Show Some Personality

Social media is not about selling your product or service. It’s about creating connection and engagement with current or potential clients. Showing product demonstrations, behind the scenes videos or images, even pets and family can help to show that there are real people behind the brand. Get personal with your fans. Share content that will help them see the human side of your brand.

FIVE: Include Brand Influencers

You know those people who everyone knows? If you can, include pictures of yourself with them or tag them in relevant posts. Only if you know them.

Don’t just tag random influencers, that’s just bad social media etiquette and they could end up blocking you. This will help bring a new audience to your page. Plus, you know what they say about the crowd you keep. They elevate your social status.

SIX: Share Good News

Did you get a write-up or mention on the news? Post it so your followers can share in the excitement with you. After all, celebrating your success is part of the social aspect of your brand.

Keep tabs on what is happening in your industry. Be in touch with the day to day dealings of news that touches on your brand or company. What’s more, your fans want to know that you are beyond vein advertising. They want to know you are other people validate their decision to support you.

SEVEN: Use Facebook Live

This is huge and only getting bigger. Again, your follows will be able to see you are an actual person behind the brand and will be able to interact with you live. Facebook Live videos get a higher organic reach than recorded videos.

As a word of caution, it is always best to plan your live sessions. The random video of your ranting is not going to cut it. Prepare for it. Go one step further, be predictable and consistent. If you go live every day at 4 pm, create that expectation and live up to it. If your live feeds are not regular, do a promotion to tell your fans you will be going live so they prepare to join you. Afterall you want to make a lasting first impression.

Apply these Facebook Marketing Tactics

Social media allows you to make a good first impression, and since you only have one chance at a first impression, better make it great! Make the experience worth the search and discovery of your brand or company.

You don’t have to apply all 7 tactics. Pick 2 or 3 for a start. Master those, then work on trying out the other tactics. This will help you know what works or what doesn’t work for your brand or company.


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