2016 NEW BMW X4

BMW’s X6 is getting a new baby brother

Elbowing its way into BMW’s model orgy – somewhere on top of the X3, underneath the 6, and spooning the 4-Series Gran Coupe – you’d be forgiven for asking what on earth the BMW X4 is for. And you’ll forgive us for not being absolutely sure.

Variety is the spice of life, as a wise person once said, and BMW is wholeheartedly embracing that philosophy by entering just about every premium vehicle niche that it can dream up.

BMW’s latest niche player is the BMW X4 crossover, now seen for the first time in showroom guise – although there are no real stylistic surprises for those who have already seen the 2013 concept vehicle.

The X4 ‘Sports Activity Coupé’ (as BMW calls it) is essentially a more compact alternative to the X6 and just as the latter is based on the X5, the new BMW X4 is built around the technical blueprint of the latest X3.

In keeping with its sportier disposition, though, the driver and front passenger seat 20mm lower than in the X3. It’s not necessarily an impractical vehicle either, as BMW promises “generous space” for up to five people.