Build Success Habits through Affirmations

Are you patiently sitting around waiting for success to arrive on your doorstep with one huge thunderous boom and nothing has happened yet?

Well as you know success seldom, if ever breaks down your door to tell you it has arrived. It is the result of clarity of thought around exactly what you want, having huge expectations, which you believe are possible for you, converting this into an easy to understand and follow vision, creating an action plan to guide you on what daily actions you need to take and then to simply use your willpower to help you to take these actions, until you develop a new success habit set to support your actions daily.

Creating your New Habit Set

Success is a doing word. If you want your world to change so you can start to enjoy the success you desire and deserve, then you must commit to taking the right goal oriented actions daily. This will require a lot of willpower and commitment on your part.

Remember success is simple, but it is just not easy. You have to take the daily action you need to take to succeed. Apply your willpower to keep going, until you have created your new success habit set to support your daily actions.

Using Affirmations to build success HABITS

  1. Positive Affirmations: Affirmations are statements that are stated in the present, which define the positive new habit you want to develop to support you to take the goal specific actions you need to take to succeed.
  2. Reprogram your thoughts: The bad habits that are limiting you and stopping you from living your full potential are effectively only neural pathways that can be reprogrammed. The reprogramming of these neural pathways is facilitated by offering your brain new positive thinking patterns or beliefs, which through repetition will eventually become your truth and eventually your new success habit set.
  3. Goal Specific Affirmations: goal centred affirmations which encourage you to take specific action daily are stated in the present, as though they are already an integral part of your current reality. Allow yourself to feel all the energy and emotion you would feel if you were actually living or experiencing your goal right now. See yourself taking the action you need to take to succeed.

Action Idea: As you wake up every morning read your affirmations to yourself aloud as a reminder to push you to take the goal specific actions you need to take daily to succeed. Whilst reading the affirmations, actually visualise yourself taking the action and achieving the results you want. State your affirmation as though that goal has already been accomplished.

Because your subconscious can’t tell the difference between reality and something vibrantly imagined, your body is experiencing all of the thrills and adrenaline that you’ll feel when you actually achieve the outcome you want. This will help you to feel driven and inspired to take action daily, even if it is difficult or challenging.

Taking the right goal specific action daily is the catalyst, which will allow you to change your behaviour and develop new routines or success habits. This commitment towards activity will allow you to gradually close the gap between your current vision and future reality.


  • Andrew Horton

    Andrew Horton is one of the most sought after Motivational Speakers and Motivational Sales Speakers in South Africa. He is a successful entrepreneur, Master Sales Trainer, Global Traveller and Author, who has chosen to focus his energy on inspiring sales and business professionals, supporting them to realize their full potential and become peak performers.