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Can You Legitimately Make Money Online

Given the number of scams and fake websites that have been claiming that you can make money online, people are finding it challenging to believe that one can actually make money on the internet. However, the fortunate truth is YES!

Do You Need to Pay to Make Money Online?

Countless people have been tricked by these “infomercial-get-rich-quick” companies that promise you thousands of dollars in a short space of time.

Now, you have probably signed up or registered (or not) with sites that required you to pay a one-time fee. Some have found that with certain websites, there’s a catch. Most times people are billed on and on and this is before they receive any money or rewards.

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Sites like survey sites are not supposed to charge you anything. If any survey site asks you to pay, they are probably scams. However, stuff like freelancing will require you to build your own website/profile and yes that will cost you.

You have the option of paying another website freelancer $40 to put up your website for you or buying your domain and setting it up for yourself. You can get most of your work done by freelancers on Fiverr. Check them out.

How do You Know Which sites are Scams?

You need to realize that the biggest online scams are posts of misleading claims on how much you can make online and fees being charged for people to find jobs. Then again a lot of scams are a bit obvious.

I mean things like “Earn money within minutes”, sites where they don’t tell you what you will be doing, “$1 trial and get your money back guarantee”, sites that don’t have legitimate ways to get in touch with them etc. A lot of these ads/posts should raise huge red flags. Read this article on how to avoid and identify scams.

What Do You Gain From Making Money Online?

Aside from the negative side of making money online, just as there are many scams out there, there are many ways one can legitimately make money online. Most of these are generally realistic. For example, taking part in surveys and earning $200 a month, getting rewarded $10 gift cards for watching movie previews, earning $25 to test websites etc.

Now you might be asking yourself why you should be making money on the internet rather than sitting behind a desk and making your boss coffee. Well, here are a few reasons:

Flexible Timing:

Nobody is on your neck about a deadline and still throwing piles and piles of work on your cluttered Working online allows you to work anytime you want. Whether it be midnight, midday or early in the morning, the choice is yours. Twice a week, every day, it goes by your schedule. YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS! This gives you more time to yourself, time for your family, time for friends and actually experiencing life.

A Wider range of Options:

You get to do what you love. In fact, most clients who look for freelancers prefer people who specialize in a specific field. Make sure you choose a niche that works for you and that you have a passion for. This alone will make you stand out to potential clients.

There is No Dress code:

You don’t have to wear any formal clothing when working from home. This is usually required in the corporate world. You can then work in comfortable casual clothing.

You choose your salary:

Whether you work for an hour or 24 hrs, the money you will earn is all yours. No Tax deductions.

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If you consider quitting your day job for this, think 10 times. For you to actually quit your job, you need to have a serious undying passion for what it is you are going to do. Look at successful YouTubers, for example, they are passionate about what they do and that’s what keeps them consistent and keeps the money flowing in. Many people start YouTube and then later let it go.

There’s only one main reason this happens: Lack of Passion. You need discipline and need to be a productive person.

Rather consider earning money online for extra cash. Have a plan for the money you earn online otherwise you won’t take it seriously.


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