Change your mind

Change Your Mind to Change Your Fortune

The subconscious mind controls practically everything we do in our lives. We are quite unaware of our own programming, and that is one reason why it is so hard to change.

By recognizing that we are programmed to be a certain way, we can begin to take the steps toward changing that program. That is how you change your mind for success.

Your life is continually being created by the thoughts in your mind. If those thoughts are positive, you will lead a relatively happy and satisfying life. If they are negative, you will tend to always look at the downside of things and never be satisfied. Most of us fall somewhere in-between extremely negative and extremely positive. Using affirmations is a great way to shift your state of mind to a more positive one and thus live a more positive life.

Change through affirmation

An affirmation is a positive statement that is worded in the present tense. By repeating affirmations to yourself over and over again, you can reprogram your subconscious mind. Repeated enough times and with enough emotion, your mind will begin to accept the statements that you repeat to it.

At first, there will be resistance, but as you repeat the statements on a daily basis, eventually your subconscious mind will be forced to adopt the new belief. This is how you can go from a pessimist to an optimist and a dull life to a bright one.

An example of an affirmation could be: “I attract wealth and riches into my life” or “I am happy and enthusiastic every day.” The statements should be based on whatever it is that you want to become. Even if you are not a happy person, if you repeat the statement “I am happy” enough times and with emotion, you will begin to feel happy.

Get practical about what you want to tell your brain

I suggest that you write down on a piece of paper at least 20 positive, present-tense affirmations and put that paper in a place where you will see it every day. A great place would be your bathroom mirror. Every time you see this paper, read the affirmations to yourself.

Do this in the morning and you will likely have a much better day than you are used to having.

An even better idea is this:

Read your affirmations into a microphone and record them onto your iPod or MP3 player. Listen to yourself on the commute to work or whenever you have idle time. This may be the one thing that changes your life forever. Remember, repetition and emotion is the key.


  • Beau N Norton

    Beau Norton is dedicated to helping people achieve maximum success and well-being by teaching healthy lifestyle practices! He knows what it is like to struggle, and that is why he has made it his mantra to help others overcome the difficulties in their own lives. Beau believes that through learning and understanding, we can all begin to create better lives for ourselves and fulfill our potential. We are all worthy! No matter what you want out of life, just know that it is absolutely possible to get it if you are dedicated!