Synergy in Team

How to Create Synergy with those Around You

Have you ever been told that you’re not a team player or not a good communicator when you think you are? If yes, then you need to learn how to create synergy with those around you.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t get great results from those who support you in your business?

Great leaders know how to create synergy with those around them

This is the effect of two or more agents working together to produce an effect that is greater than the sum of their parts. When you are out of sync with someone, creating synergy can be as simple as stopping to observe your current state of being, and the actions and habits you repeat when in the presence of this person.

It’s a waste of time to put the responsibility of creating harmony on the other person(s). The fastest way to align with a person is by making the change yourself.

Some years back I hopped into a canoe with my mate while our friends got into a double kayak. We had quite a few laughs as we watched our friends paddle in chaos and begin blaming each other for their paddling being out of sync.

Being in sync with others

Prior to getting on their kayak, our friends delightfully interacted with each other. What happened to their synergy when they got in the kayak?

Why were Steve and I paddling so effortlessly? Are we better paddlers or stronger? No. Our friends train in the gym and could probably win a bodybuilding contest together. Do we have a more solid relationship? I don’t know. They seem to communicate and support each other very lovingly.

Competition over cooperation

As we pulled our boats out of the water to get around a dam, we decided to change boat partners. We girls got in one and the guys got in the other.My gal pal sat in the front and began doing her own paddling pattern that was not left side, right side, left side, right side.

If I didn’t do the same paddling pattern I would hit her paddle with mine so I immediately stopped paddling. I wanted to observe what she was doing.

I asked her what was going on. She admitted that she had noticed that her competitive side was emerging with the paddle in her hands, wanting to be faster than the other boat. She also said that she never used to think she had control issues but after today she thought differently.

After some dialogue, we got in sync. I followed her lead. She even began intuiting where to head down river so that we didn’t get stuck on sand bars. We had a completely different experience than she and her hubby.

Here’s what we each did to get in sync with one another:

  • I noticed that we weren’t aligned
  • I stopped what I was doing so I could observe the situation
  • I communicated what I was noticing with curiosity instead of blaming
  • We decided together who would take the lead
  • I let go of my ego, so I could follow her lead
  • I trusted and supported my partner
  • We continued to communicate throughout the journey
  • We made fun the priority even though there was a task at hand

I highly recommend you do something similar with anybody you’re working with who doesn’t feel on the same page as you… including clients, contractors and mentors.The next time you want to bitch about someone on your team not doing their job or feeling like a contractor is ripping you off, take a pause for the cause.

Take back your Power

Take back your power by deciding what you want the outcome to be and then tune into your Inner Guidance to get clarity on a small step you can take to create synergy with this person.

Hoping that things will work out, without addressing the issue, is not proactive. Humour and lightness can be a part of the communication when done before frustration and resentment build up.

And… it’s never too late to get in sync with the people around you. It’s okay if it’s a mess before it gets pretty. Just keep your focus on the desired result. The outcome will be so worth it! So now it’s YOUR TURN! What can you do today to better sync up with something YOU want?


  • Jeanna Gabellini

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