Effective Free Giveaway Website

How to Create Effective Free Giveaway Websites

We all need and want more visitors to our websites. There are many ways to get more traffic, and all have their place. One great way is with Free Giveaway Websites.

If reading the headline is making you think you’re going to have to spend big bucks, think again! Generating leads doesn’t have to blow your marketing budget, and it can actually be quite easy.

The goal of a giveaway on your website is generating leads by collecting email addresses. Then, you can start to look at other ways to move your potential customer farther down the funnel and towards a sale.

Let’s look at a few different ways you can use this marketing technique to your advantage:

  • Create a contest that people enter and award a prize/prizes to the winner/winners.
  • Give something of value to everyone who enters their email address.

If you’re an alternative health provider, for example, you could offer one lucky winner a tangible product as a prize. It could be nutritional supplements, a physical book you’ve written or a portable speaker-whatever you think your audience will like.

Or, you could offer something to everyone.

This could come in the form of an audio or video series you’ve recorded or a downloadable eBook you’ve written.

No matter what type of campaign you choose for landing page giveaways, you need to get set up with the right tools first.

You’ll Need a Landing Page

Obviously, you’ll need a landing page!

What Is a Landing Page? You might ask!

It’s simply a website page, but it often looks different from your typical website. It has a primary focus-a single “call to action” or focused objective that you want your visitors to pay attention to.

This is where you outline what you’re giving away. Remember to keep it focused. It’s all about getting the visitor to take an action that will help you achieve a particular set objective.

You can include information such as deadlines to enter, how to enter and so on. Keep in mind, there are different types of pages, and you’ll probably use more than one on your site.

Katherine Hartvickson over at Quantum Ascendance. She’s an HR consultant who offers a free interview guidebook packed with expert tips to people who sign up.

Since stats tell us most people do not make a purchasing decision upon their first visit to a website, having a call to action on your home page can be a great way to get people initially interested in what you have to offer.

This gives you an opportunity to continue that virtual relationship with them, building on the get-to-know-you factor. A good foundation on getting your website visitors to like and trust you is needed for them to decide on hiring or working with you.

It’s also a great idea to have a dedicated landing page that you can drive targeted traffic to. This is especially true if you are using a paid campaign from pay-per-click ads or other social media efforts. This is what we set up for Katherine where there is no chance of the user getting distracted on nothing but signing up for her free guidebook:

Here’s relationship expert and author Stuart Motola.

On each page within his site he has a separate place for people to land that details the benefits of his book. You’ll notice on the right-hand side he gives visitors compelling reasons to provide an email address and receive the first chapter of his book.

On separate pages, you can provide more info on what you do and the benefits of your product or services. Giving them a little taste of what they can expect can improve your chances of converting them into customers.

We can help you decide which types of pages will work best for you, so don’t worry about making that decision now!

You’ll also need an Autoresponder Email Service Provider.

This is the critical part of the equation! You want to be able to collect, store and send emails to those who sign up. Many services are available out there, including but not limited to the likes of Mailchimp and Getresponse.

This should always be integrated into your site so people who sign up are also opting-in as Newsletter subscribers. That way, you can send them drip emails, offers and weekly or monthly newsletters down the road.

Create a confirmation and welcome mail inside of your autoresponder. Thank your new subscriber again and repeat the download and/or product link again, just in case they missed it after the sign-up.

Also announce that you will keep in contact and follow up periodically with complementary and useful information.

And the Most Important Part being the Free Giveaway

A ‘Giveaway’ is exactly what it sounds like, website visitors sign up or take part in completion you are running. Simply put, it is an exchange of something of value with your website visitors. They give you permission to build a relationship with them in return for an email address.

If you have a good Newsletter which offers a lot of great and useful content, start with that as your first offer. The bigger your subscriber base, the better market presence you get. Over time, you can deliver still more profound knowledge or information in the course.

Next, use Private Label Rights (PLR) products and condense them into a new eBook or report. Some 20-45 pages will do the job. Choose a popular theme like Video Creation, Traffic and List Building, Guidelines for Newbies, etc.

Download free available pictures for your cover and give your work a catchy title. Use a free graphic tool to create the eBook cover. Also, you can use one of the freelance designers on Fiverr and save the image to your computer.

Offers something of value before extracting value.

You can also create Instructional Videos about a tool or program you already use. It will be easier to showcase a program which already works well in your business.

Make a nice introduction video and then 5-7 tutorial videos showing the exact steps of how the product can be used or installed. Each video should have a length of about 2-6 minutes. If you do not own a video creation tool, you can find and download a free version with a short search.

If you have an archive of articles, you could also create an Audio Series. Reduce the articles to the hard facts and speak them up as audio.

Prepare a short manuscript with bullet points to make it easy for you to read loudly for the audio creation. You can then deliver this manuscript as an addition to your audio series. Some people like to have a print out.

To create the audio giveaway, you can again use free available software. A service that also allows you to create an mp3 version. This way people can listen to your message just about everywhere they are.

Can I really build a list with a giveaway?

The simple answer is yes. There are tactics and methods to the system but even for a beginner, the process is remarkably simple.

It’s important to think about why you’re giving something to website visitors. The most attractive part of the process is that for the most part, it is a free way to get a list of subscribers on to your email list.

It shouldn’t just be about pushing content or your business offerings at them. Being strategic about your efforts is the key. Whether it’s leading them to sign up for your consulting services, buy your product or call you for more information, have a clear intent and purpose before you start.

Of course, it should be only part of your list building strategy but an important part.

Susan Friesen

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