Difference between boss and leader

The Difference Between Boss and Leader

Every leader is a boss. But every boss is not a leader. This defines the difference between a boss and a leader.

The biggest difference between a boss and a leader is one. The boss is respected and obeyed because of his/her seniority. A leader is respected and looked up to as an example not only because of seniority but mainly because of the qualities of character and ability.

True Leaders Lead by Example

Those who aspire to become leaders must lead by example. The team must always have a firm belief that the leader will be there during crisis time. Not necessarily to fix the problem, but to provide leadership in getting the solution. If the team members find that the leader does not follow what he/she preaches, they will have no respect for him/her.

They may obey him/her, but respect will be missing. Without respect, those who do so, follow not because they want to but because they must. Leaders gain this respect through their actions. They look and act sincerely. There is no mismatch between their words and actions. They look integral in approach and character.

True Leadership Qualities

To be a leader, every boss must display characteristics such as knowledge, planning, anticipation, foresight, and the will to take action. Great leaders have a result-oriented approach, perspective, and respect for every team member. They earn their respect not because they demand it.  The true leader befriends their team and acts as a mentor.

This is quite a list, but if you want to become a good leader you need these qualities. This is true not only for national leaders but for persons in every leadership position in any organization. Once a person earns the respect of his /her team members he/she ceases to be only a boss and transforms into a leader.

Leadership is a Skill

Like any other skill, leadership is a skill that can be learned and cultivated. And there are many ways in which you can learn to be a better leader.

  1. You can learn from others in leadership positions – this is through mentorship programs that allow you to develop your leadership skills by shadowing a leader whose qualities you seek to emulate.
  2. You can learn from formal leadership programs – as the skill of leadership is in great demand, many learning institutions, colleges, and universities offer leadership courses that give you a theoretical study into leadership.

Entrepreneurs are Leaders

Entrepreneurs are leaders because they lead ideas, concepts, and teams to provide solutions to a myriad of problems.

If you want to be more of a leader and less of a boss, remember that leadership is a skill that can be learned and developed. Develop these skills and you will become a better leader. Learn from other leaders to sharpen your skills.


  • Ted Santos

    Mr. Ted Santos is skilled at reinventing companies and individuals. Over the past 25 years, he has reinvented himself several times. From sales trainer, executive manager, entrepreneur, executive coach to currently Chairman of an organization that provides high-value services to CEOs of midsize to large corporations, Mr. Santos is experienced with change. As Chairman of the Board of Veteran CEOs, Mr. Santos is responsible for developing strategic direction. He also recruits former CEOs of Fortune 1000s to lead roundtable discussions to provide guidance and mentorship to sitting CEOs of mid-cap companies. In addition, he offers direction to scale BoV's value proposition beyond NYC and into major cities throughout the US. BoV has expanded its offering to middle market CEOs by creating innovative platforms designed to educate and develop CEOs in a confidential environment with peers. Mr. Santos is a native of New Jersey and attended Howard University as a marketing major.

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