Roadmap to Success

Your Marketing Road MAP to Success

Do you have a map? Not a map to get down the road. Not a GPS that talks to you and tells you which way to turn, but a marketing plan.

Do you have a Marketing Automation Plan or MAP? Not having a MAP is the reason so many people think of marketing as troublesome. They don’t automate things and they don’t reuse and re-purpose. You have to automate your marketing so things are happening while you’re sleeping, playing or while you’re working on other things. This is ideal for entrepreneurs who are always pushing for the next thing.

If you have things automated, it makes your life so much easier.

If you don’t have a marketing plan, you probably don’t have an automation plan for your marketing either. Look at what you’re doing in your marketing. Look at what’s working and do more of those things. Look at what other people are doing, at what they’re doing that’s working and model those things. Look at how they’re sequencing their marketing. Look at how often they are doing launches. Look at what they’re repurposing and reusing.

Look at, and think about, how you’ll automate more of your marketing. It’s about making things simpler, not harder. You don’t have to make a new marketing plan every time you do something. Start from the marketing plan you already have and modify it. Make changes. Change the titles, or change the dates or whatever needs to be changed. Your basic model can be the same almost every time.

Then, look at ways to automate things. You can automate things with shopping carts. You can automate things with auto-responders. You can automate by using tools in social media, so one post goes to five or six different social media outlets. It’s automation. It’s technology.

Even if technology isn’t your unique ability or an area you like or are particularly good at, use it to make your life and business easier.

More than likely you carry a little computer around with you every single day. It’s called a smart-phone. It’s really just a small computer.

Think about how to automate your marketing so things can happen without you having to be there and be on top of it all the time. Have a MAP so you know where you’re headed in your business, so you can easily make decisions that will benefit you and allow you to keep moving forward in the most positive way possible.