Opportunity Cost

Opportunity is Everywhere Around You

Opportunity rarely breaks down your door, with a thunderous boom, to let you know it is there.

If you dare to step outside of your comfort zone today and every day, there you will find opportunity waiting for you to take charge. Allow your mind to walk in new directions, where you can explore uncharted places and uncover new potential opportunities.

Complacency is one sure fire way to stay stuck where you are.

There is nothing like complacency to keep you from going nowhere slowly. To achieve anything worth celebrating, you will have to learn to fight your natural tendency to always return to the safety of your comfort zone. When faced with adversity or challenges, extend yourself beyond what may be comfortable and convenient.

Opportunity often lies in unfamiliar places, beyond where you feel comfortable. Challenge yourself to explore these uncharted places and you will uncover the hidden connection to your success.

ONE: Commit to Lifelong Learning

You become an OPPORTUNITY ATTRACTOR, through the skills you acquire, the disciplines you practice. More than that, the positive attitude you project and the language you use will bring you closer to many of the hidden treasures of success.

With a positive attitude and a skilled interaction with the people around you, you will find yourself developing mutually beneficial relationships with the right people. Allow your reputation to precede you and you will see the light of new opportunity shine on you every day.

Action Idea: Commit to introduce the new success habit of daily learning and growth and a whole new world of possibility opens up to you. It is never too late to have a wonderful childhood. Rediscover the natural curiosity you exhibited as a child and become an “ACTIVE LIFE LONG LEARNER.

Learning opens up a world of possibilities and prepares you to fully exploit opportunities, continually expands your body of knowledge and includes the added bonus of living a longer and a better quality of life. Do you think something this beneficial and potentially life changing is something you would like to include in your journey through life?

TWO: Make Every Day Count

Although there appears to be only 365 days in a year, in reality, there are only as many days, as you actually make use of.

Have the courage to put perceived failures behind you, build on the successes of the previous day and light the flame of opportunity and possibility, at the dawn of each new day. The secret to turning this into a long term sustainable success is to simply repeat it, as often as possible. As you repeat this day after day, you will put

As you repeat this day after day, you will put new opportunities in your path. These opportunities can be converted into your reality, if you choose to apply yourself daily. Taking the right action, necessary to achieve the outcomes you desire.

THREE: Patience and Persistence

Never lose sight of the value of patience. It is a really powerful tool in your arsenal of success. It keeps you inspired and persistent, brings greater wisdom and perspective to all the challenges you will face and allows you to stay focused so that you can see difficult, yet worthwhile, projects to completion.

We have become such a now generation, expecting instant everything. Accept the concept of DELAYED GRATIFICATION, keep applying inspired action daily and anything you consistently apply yourself to achieving, becomes possible for you.

Good things come to those who wait. Great things come to those that get off their butts and make things happen.