Cracking the money code

How to Start Cracking the Money Code

What do you have to do to get all the money you want – legally, ethically and morally? As a business person or entrepreneur, that’s surely a question you’re thinking about.

If not consciously, it’s still the question that drives you in business. And that’s a good thing because it’s a great question. Focusing on one or two areas of your business will help you crack the money code.

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In fact, if you really want to crack the money code, it’s a question you should keep playing in your head over and over again, on an endless loop. Let it roll around in your head for months – even years. Live with that question. “What do I have to do to make the most money?” Along with that question, consider how much money you want to make, and what your goals are.

Why do you want to Crack the Money Code

How high is high for you? What’s really possible? Some people might ask you, in all seriousness, “Hey, have you ever thought that you’ve done the best you’re ever going to do, that it’s all going to be downhill from here?” You may hear this from your critics, or even concerned friends or spouses.

Well, you can’t allow yourself to consider the possibility that you’ve already hit your peak because there’s always a new goal waiting just downstream. As long as you’re able to, continue to press forward. Even if you’ve achieved some great successes, your best – in terms of money, results, and accomplishments – could still be out there.

Think of your target market as being like a huge safe. All you have to do is enter the right combination, get the clicks on the dial just right, and all the money inside is yours. That’s what I mean by cracking the money code.

Set a Target and Reach for it. Be Specific About it.

Now, I have to emphasize that the money’s waiting in your target marketplace because you have to specialize. If you decide your market is the whole world, you’re making a terrible mistake. In fact, it’s one of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make.

They get all excited, and decide everyone’s a customer for their product or service – and that’s the entirely wrong idea. If you decide that, you may as well go to Vegas or Atlantic City right now and put all your money down on the roulette wheel. You’re almost certainly going to lose money if you think that way.

True success boils down to selling the right products and services to the right market in the right way. It’s a target market. You really have to home in on that target, knowing precisely whom you most want to reach. Then you can develop the right products and services that appeal to them the most; after that, all you have to decide is the most effective marketing strategy.

If your market is big enough, and what you have is exciting enough, and if you can find the best way to profitably sell it, then the question is not, Will you make a lot of money? It’s, How much money will you make, and how long will it take you to make it? It’s all about profitably reselling to the largest possible number of people.

The Secret is in Repeat Business

The idea that you’re going sell something once to each customer and get super rich is foolish thinking. Get that out of your head. Although it happens sometimes, it’s not something you can bank on. You need to resell to people again and again, and you’ve got to do so aggressively, relentlessly.

You have to provide real value to people to get them to buy more; the perceived value of the products and services you sell has to more than exceed the money you’re asking for in exchange. Always keep that in mind.

Remember, too, that every market has problems, very real obstacles you must reframe as opportunities. You’ve got to find a way to overcome them and make the target prospects want them – because you’ll never get rich just selling stuff that people need.

REMEMBER! While People hate to be SOLD, They Love to BUY

You see, if you’re just trying to sell something people only need, it becomes a commodity – and the profit margins for most commodities are razor-thin. There’s going to be a tremendous amount of competition, no matter what.

The only way you can profitably sell something that people need but don’t want is to wrap it around something they do want. Look for that revolutionary breakthrough that blows people away, gets them really excited, and makes them want what you know they need. Wrap it in something sweet; add a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down.

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Aristotle Onassis, the Greek shipping magnate, said the secret to business is that you’ve got to know something that nobody else knows. The definition of a genius is somebody who looks at the same things that everybody else is looking at but sees something different.

We all have genius potential. The way to tap into it is to stay focused on those questions that help you define what your clients want and need. You’ve got questions that demand answers and those questions are also rolling around in your head like an endless loop. You’re going to get answers if you keep asking for them – and that is how you crack the money code.