Stop Sabotaging your Success

Stop Sabotaging Your Success

The are many things that hold us back from succeeding in a great way. It’s the little things you do that in many ways you’re sabotaging your success.

You just returned from a conference or workshop or just completed some online training and you are excited! You now have a ton of new ideas and can’t wait to start working on them. But wait, you have something to finish first. Or maybe lots of somethings to finish first before you can implement all this great new stuff. Well, no problem, you will just do it later. Could this thinking process be sabotaging your success?

The trouble is that later never comes and you end up with these great ideas just sitting on the shelf or in your head. After a while, you forget what that great idea was. Or you think to yourself “Yeah, well, it wasn’t that great an idea anyway”.

You may even talk yourself out of what could have been a really amazing idea that leads to a lot of success. Or you might remember that you shelved your notes, manual or other information and all you need to do it get it out… but where oh where did you put it. Oh well.

The Many Ways you Could be Sabotaging Your Success

I see this all the time with weight loss and trying to eat healthier. Clients say they have tried everything from Weight Watchers to personal training and other various self-help programs. The information sounds great and gets you excited but when left to your own devices it just never seems to get implemented. You start to feel like you never see results, so why bother in the first place.

What I have discovered is that those who tell me they have tried everything are really sabotaging themselves. There is often no follow-through with the information or direction they received. In reality, they just don’t put forth enough effort yet they believe they tried everything and again nothing has worked.

Your Action Speak Louder than Words

Truth be told, it can be daunting and confusing to know what to do with all the information acquired. The best option is to put your ideas into a plan so that they become actionable and lead you to your success. My tips below will help you do this.

  1. Know what your end result(s) is/are. Begin by looking at what you want to accomplish. Example: I want to lose 10 pounds in three months. Once you have a starting point, you can decide how you will go about losing those 10 pounds. Now you are ready for the next step, putting those ideas into a plan.
  2. Write it down. The saying “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is very true here. By writing down what you are going to do, you can hold yourself accountable. You know exactly what your steps are so you don’t have to guess–or worse, forget! You have a blueprint; a plan to follow and all you need to do is follow it. A great tool here is a timeline and/or a tracker sheet. Decide which step you will take first and so on. This way you will always know where you stand at a quick glance and can course-correct.
  3. Get an accountability partner or coach. Find someone you trust or hire a coach to hold you accountable to what you say you want to do. Make sure this person will be completely objective. A coach who specializes in what your goals are will be able to not only hold you accountable but also hold your hand and answer any questions that come up.

These tips are universal! They help with everything whether you want to lose weight, eat healthy, increase your income, build a business or have better relationships. Knowing what your end results will be, having a plan, and being held accountable are all key to reach success.

What will you do for your Success

When I work with my private clients, we follow this same process and they get better results more easily without a lot of stress and aggravation. They know they are setting themselves up for success. But they also know that the failure and frustration they knew in the past is long gone. They report having peace of mind, joy and lots of fun living their lives. On top of great success for themselves and their goals.

What about you? How will you feel once you pull a project off the shelf and take action on it now? How are you going to stop sabotaging your success?


  • Kim Ravida

    Kim Ravida is a lifestyle and business coach who helps women in business take powerful money actions and make solid, productive business decisions that positively impact their life and their business. Stop banging your head against the wall trying to figure out what to do first, wasting time and money. Kim Ravida Coaching can help you. Having been there herself, she has developed a specific system that sets the foundation for a business that brings in more clients, makes more money and saves tons of time so you truly can reach your goals and dreams.