Qualities of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

The 4 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

After a rather harrowing, stressful and happy (all at the same time!) week, I took time to reflect on what keeps someone in the game of business. Business is a game after all and it does take a certain type of individual to stick it.

The challenges I’ve experience in business, combined with a high level of fatigue (often after an incredible amount of travelling), could easily have weighed me down. Having learned from other successful entrepreneurs, I’ve come to understand that certain qualities separate the successful entrepreneurs from the not so successful.

In fact, I truly believe that many entrepreneurs give up because their think the pressure is unbearable. They throw in the towel and just give up. Many people would prefer things to be ‘easy’ – like Staples ‘EASY’ button on their commercials. Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. “You must get comfortable being uncomfortable!”

When I think about the ups and downs of running a business, and specifically what it took to get through the many years starting out, I recognize there are certain character QUALITIES that support success. I want to give you the top 4 that come to mind so you, you can reflect and see where you fall in each category.


It’s critically important, as a successful entrepreneur, that you know what you are doing, where you are going and why you are doing what you are doing. With that type of clarity, it’s easy to handle the challenges that come your way. Life is full of distractions and it can be so easy to go down the rabbit trails.

When you are clear – it’s like following a compass or a GPS to get where you want to go. The little voice in the GPS will quickly tell you to ‘recalculate’ and stay on the path. So, when life knocks you down – and you feel like you are facing just one challenge after another (some you can control and others which you cannot control), keep listening to that GPS voice in your head and stay clear about the direction in which you are heading. That will serve you well.


Commitment is the one QUALITY that has kept me in the game. I am totally and absolutely committed to my WHY, first of all. And, on a daily basis, I am committed to getting things done that are in alignment with my goals.

Now, things do go wrong – such as when the technology in your business fails you and stops working. It would have been so easy to bail – to reschedule – to make excuses – to go in a different direction. That is not commitment! There is always a way and highly successful entrepreneurs work diligently, with their teams, to find the way and they almost always do. When you are 100% committed to the goal, the result is bound to be a fruitful one.


This is a QUALITY that has served me well as an entrepreneur. To have clear, focused, strong communication skills will position you for success. For me, this comes down to communication styles with my team, my colleagues, my vendors, my clients – anyone who is in this game of business with me.

Clear, open, honest communication is what gets me through the tough times – all the time. Many entrepreneurs dance around the bush – for many reasons – but the main one is so as not to hurt people’s feelings. That’s when I know and recognize that people are making emotional decisions, not business decisions. What works for me, especially in the tough times, is to communicate often, honestly, openly and directly. This is also one key QUALITY of the very successful entrepreneurs.


This is one QUALITY that is critically important in the world of business. We all have challenges. We will continue to have challenges as long as we are entrepreneurs. There are many character qualities that will serve you well. My favorite and one that I firmly believe in is that of celebration. It is a QUALITY that many lack and overlook. It is vital to your success to take a moment and celebrate the achievements along the way. Celebration is a mindset. Celebration helps us to grow our self-confidence. Celebration is essential for our mental well-being. Celebration is vital to the success of our business.

Being an entrepreneur takes character – and there are some essential character QUALITIES that will contribute to your success. Take a really good look at the ones I’ve shared above and identify where you stand with each and every one.