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The 5 Qualities of Successful Business Leaders

Leadership can make or break a company. The question you would want to ask yourself is what make some business leaders more successful than others.

A simple survey reveals a telling story. Successful business leaders share traits and qualities that unsuccessful leaders don’t pose. It is these qualities that make these leaders stand out. And it is these qualities that other aspiring leaders can learn for if they want to achieve similar success.

It takes a great deal of character to stand out to be counted as one of many successful business leaders. This character should be ingrained DNA. Forming part of your personality. It is not an act but a state of being. While many might agree that some leaders are born, we must accept that leadership qualities can also be learned, nurtured and groomed.

The DNA of Successful Business Leaders

The following 5 qualities make up the DNA of successful business leaders. Learn them. Practice them and adopt them as your daily habits. You too may become a great leader in business.

  1. Have a positive attitude. Believe that your business is the best business in the world. Self-confidence leads to decisiveness and in particular, the ability to back your own judgment and to take risks
  2. Love what you do. Enjoy your work and the challenge it provides. Work should be fun, not merely something to be tolerated. Enthusiasm generates a hard work ethic and a passion which becomes part of the culture of your business.
  3. Delegate. It is impossible to do everything yourself. It is also unwise as it is more productive to get those with the appropriate skills to do appropriate tasks. The ability to get people with different skills to work as a team is a starting point for all successful businesses. Recruit high-quality staff with complementary skills and organize these people in the most efficient way.
  4. Seek financial, marketing and legal advice. Have a vision and clear goals. These goals should include future income and the achievement of various tasks. A strategy to grow the business and a detailed business plan consisting of marketing and financial plans are important.
  5. Work smart. Success does not mean working 100 hours a week. Today, it is more likely to mean working 35 hours a week and spending time with our family and pursuing your leisure interests. Working smart is much more important than working hard. Spend time working ‘on’ your business and not ‘in’ your business.

Obviously there are more than 5 qualities of successful business leaders, however, these qualities stand out, especially in the 21 century. If you can master these qualities you have the potential of leading your business into success.


  • Ted Santos

    Mr. Ted Santos is skilled at reinventing companies and individuals. Over the past 25 years, he has reinvented himself several times. From sales trainer, executive manager, entrepreneur, executive coach to currently Chairman of an organization that provides high-value services to CEOs of midsize to large corporations, Mr. Santos is experienced with change. As Chairman of the Board of Veteran CEOs, Mr. Santos is responsible for developing strategic direction. He also recruits former CEOs of Fortune 1000s to lead roundtable discussions to provide guidance and mentorship to sitting CEOs of mid-cap companies. In addition, he offers direction to scale BoV's value proposition beyond NYC and into major cities throughout the US. BoV has expanded its offering to middle market CEOs by creating innovative platforms designed to educate and develop CEOs in a confidential environment with peers. Mr. Santos is a native of New Jersey and attended Howard University as a marketing major. Santos Ted