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The Car You’re Not Driving

When you see a Bugatti, a McLaren, a Ferrari or maybe even a Lamborghini go by, there is a good chance you will turn your head and you might gasp, even just a little bit.

All of those cars are extraordinary machines and most certainly are cars that scream, “look at me!”. However, Morgans are the ultimate “look at me” cars and designed for a very fabulous niche market. Although the style is certainly that of yesteryear, Morgans are the most unique cars available today. In fact, since they were first designed and built in the 1930’s, nothing about Morgans significantly changed.


To call Morgans “retro” vehicles, doesn’t do justice to their craftsmanship, design and beauty. “Retro” describes a Volkswagen Beatle, a Mini Cooper, or even a Fiat 500. To put it in perspective, Morgans are classically designed works of art that just happen to be stunning sports cars. Each one is built by hand in a family-owned factory in Malvern Link, Malvern England. It is the same factory used since the company’s inception over 100 years ago.

Morgans are the coolest cars you aren’t driving. This is partially because you don’t just pay for your Morgan with money, you pay with time. You can’t just go to the dealership and roll out with a brand new car. It takes at least a year to have the car shipped from the day it is ordered. If you were wondering, no, you cannot pay your way out of the waiting line. Morgan says they have a staunch policy regarding “queue jumping.” So, if you want one, you just have to wait your turn just like everyone else.

The other reason why you aren’t driving a Morgan is because the factory can only make just under 300 cars per year. To compare Morgan’s production with a larger company, BMW makes just under 300,000 cars per year. Unlike most cars today, Morgan is one of the few independently owned automakers still in existence. So, if you want to take one out for a test drive, you might have to travel far from where you live to do so, as there are only fifty dealerships worldwide.

Morgan AeroCoupe

The aesthetic details of each vehicle can be fully customized by the lucky owner. The prospective buyer can spend hours or even days playing around with the car creator program on the Morgan website

There are over 50,000 bespoke paint colors for the exterior. For the interior, there are over 80 different leathers to choose from and you can even choose the color of the piping. There are also various options for the roof style, dashboard, steering wheel, etc.

Understanding it is part of the appeal, Morgan allows factory tours and actually encourages customers to watch their own cars being built. However, custom doesn’t come cheap. Morgans range from £33,075 ($55,000) to over £85,200 ($141,500) for the most basic entry level models.

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