Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing on Clickbank

Pros and Cons of Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

ClickBank is well known by every serious Internet marketer. With it comes the pros and cons of promoting other people’s products for a commission.

There’s no doubt that Clickbank offers huge income opportunities for affiliates. With information products in almost every conceivable niche and on almost every topic, it is a virtual gold mine.

ClickBank is the largest digital marketplace. Digital product vendors from across the world list their products and affiliate marketers can promote these products for a commission. The beginning of many affiliate marketing careers started on Clickbank.

They have a huge selection of e-books, software and videos which you can all download and add to your collection on your computer. ClickBank also offers a great affiliate program which you can join to help you to make an online income. However, as with almost any affiliate program there are a few things you should know about ClickBank. Here are a few pros and cons regarding the affiliate program.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Pros:

  1. One Affiliate ID: You sign up with Clickbank and you get one ID. This affiliate ID allows you to promote more than 6,000 products. You do not need to sign up with each product individually which is a huge drain on your time. This one feature is why many people choose to market Clickbank versus other programs.
  2. Huge Commissions: Due to the nature of ClickBank, there are no overhead costs involved. This means that there is no shipping, and no costs in producing more products as they are in digital form which can be downloaded. Since Clickbank only sells digital products you can earn far higher commissions. Most products in the Clickbank marketplace pay 30-70% which is higher than any other affiliate network. It’s not uncommon to earn $25, $50 or $100 per sale. That adds up fast.
  3. Payments Come Like Clockwork: Clickbank has never missed a payment. They have never been late. Checks come every two weeks or every week by direct deposit. You never have to worry about not getting paid. If the merchant goes bankrupt, you still get your check because Clickbank manages all the money.
  4. Lots of Training Tools: Clickbank itself provides training for affiliates through the Clickbank University, however, there are many other experts who provide training on affiliate marketing. There are eBooks, forums, articles and blogs dedicated to the craft of Clickbank marketing. With a large Clickbank marketing community, there is so much information about how to get started and making money online.
  5. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee: ClickBank offers a 60-day money back guarantee which allows your customers to shop in confidence. This ultimately will help you to increase your ClickBank sales.
  6. Easy to Promote: ClickBank has made is super easy for anyone to start promoting their products. You can have your own landing page from where you can redirect your customers to the ClickBank page, or you can send them directly to ClickBank and allow them to take care of your customer.
  7. Wide Variety of Topics: Even though ClickBank only offers digital products, they do cover a wide range of topics and markets so that anyone in any niche or market can sign up and starting promoting the products for extra money.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Cons:

  1. First Check: Getting your first Clickbank check can take time. You have to get multiple sales from multiple credit card companies and a few PayPal sales before Clickbank cuts your first paycheck. If you’re just starting out with Clickbank it takes a while to get sales, so it can often take 30-60 days to receive your first check.
  2. Direct Deposit: You have to receive paper checks for the first 90 days before you can receive weekly direct deposits. Paper checks only come every two weeks, where direct deposit is weekly. It’s important to get your money quickly because you’re going to need to invest some back in your business.
  3. Scam Products: At least half of the products sold through Clickbank are scams. This means you’re going to get a lot of returns, which will dramatically hurt your earnings. To guard against this use a third-party search and analysis tool that will tell you every product’s return rate. This will help you pick only the products that are of quality and don’t get many refunds. I personally do not promote products that have a return rate above 10 or 20 percent.
  4. Email Marketing: If you plan to do e-mail marketing Clickbank does not allow you to use their hoplinks directly in e-mail. You must cloak hoplinks using a service like TinyURL or your own domain name. Clickbank does this to protect themselves from the unscrupulous affiliates who use spam to promote Clickbank. In the past, Clickbank found themselves on many spam lists and it hurt the company, their publishers and affiliates.
  5. Sales Notifications: Clickbank does not send out emails notifying affiliates when they have made a sale. This means you have to login to your account throughout the day to keep tabs of your sales. It takes time to login which is troublesome for busy affiliates. There has been some talk that this will change and Clickbank might start sending e-mail notifications. Stay tuned.

As with any system, Clickbank is not without flaws. Despite that, it’s been responsible for many Internet millionaires, and will continue to produce more in the future. You can also learn on how to get start with Clickbank Affiliate marketing. Visit the Clickbank University for more information.

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