When Work is Passion

Work Shouldn’t Be a Four-Letter Word!

The most successful people in the world are captivated by their work. Are you?

Frankly, “work” is a four-letter word to about 90% of the people out there. That’s often why they come to people like me and ask, “How can I learn some direct response marketing techniques? I hate what I do. I hate the factory, I hate working for the government, I hate being a teacher, I hate being a healthcare professional.”

Well, folks, if you hate what you do, then your chances of being successful at it are somewhere between slim and none.

Let’s Be Real Here

You know you have to spend time and exert effort to achieve results, and in the end, what we do just isn’t worth that to many of us. This isn’t true for most self-made millionaires; work is something altogether different for them.

 If you’re really passionate about or love what you do, as the old cliché goes, you’ll never work a day in your life. You might be active fifty, sixty, even seventy hours a week sometimes, and it might seem to others that you’re working long and hard — but you’re not, if you love what you do. No true success can come to the man or woman who hates what he does or she does.

Make Money Doing What You Love

With the most successful people, work is like a hobby. People get very much involved in every single aspect of their hobbies, because a hobby is something that greatly interests them. It’s something that excites them. It’s the same for people who love their jobs.

In fact, many people have turned their hobbies into fortunes. I once worked with a man who loves golfing; that’s his hobby. He’s perfected a gib, a heavy golf club that you practice your swing with. Then, when you actually get a real golf club in your hands, it’s so light and agile compared to the gib that it’s easy to handle. His gib has become a real success in the golfing magazines, so he’s making money at the very thing he loves best.

You should ask yourself, “What am I best at? What do I love the most?” Everyone has something about them that’s unique and special, and it’s up to you to find out what yours is. Realize that around the world, there are tens of thousands, perhaps even millions of people who share those very same interests. With the speciality publications, the Internet, and online newsgroups, you can reach people of all topics and interests.

Discovering My Passion

About 30 years ago, my mentor did some business with two brothers in Duluth, Minnesota. They loved fishing, and ended up designing, creating, and eventually manufacturing a whole line of fishing lures. They made a ton of money, especially when they sold the business to a major fishing tackle company. That’s another example of hands-on work by a couple of people who became wealthy doing the things they loved best. Every day wasn’t work to them, then.

A job is something that you just go to, and at the end of the day you have this little card you punch into a machine, and then you collect your check at the end of the week. That’s all it is. But when you love your work, it becomes much more than a job.

Learn a New Skill That Moves You Closer to Your Dream

If you learn direct marketing techniques and you currently have a job, whether it’s white-collar or blue-collar, be very aware of what’s going on around you. The various tools, implements, or things you use in your work could all be things that need improvement.

Wherever you work, you can discover or create routines that work better. Then you can publish something in the form of a booklet or book that would help people who are doing this type of work, and sell that idea for a profit.

Innovate Your Current Position to Renovate Your Success

You can turn a boring job into a successful business of your own; if you just find ways to improve the type of work you do. Or, you can start a side business using direct response marketing. You may need to keep your day job for security or insurance purposes, but in the off hours you could be doing what you love to do. Eventually, that could turn into a full-time enterprise.

That’s exactly how my mentor started out about 35 years ago. He was working at a state mental hospital as a recreational therapist, and although he liked some aspects of the job, the pay was terrible and the job was depressing.

That’s when he started his mail-order business on the side, and built it up for a year and a half before he quit the hospital. That’s a powerful technique that can work just as well today if not better, because of recent evolution of computer technology. The computer has made it simpler to find people of like minds.

The more technology grows, the better off we’re going to be, as far as being able to target the people we want to get in contact with. So put it to work in your favour – and before long, work may no longer be a four-letter word for you.


  • T.J. Rohleder

    T.J. Rohleder is an entrepreneur and marketer who, along with his wife Eileen, started his first Direct Response Marketing business in 1988 with only $300.00. Within 5 years, they had generated over $10,000,000.00 in total sales and never looked back. Since that time, Rohleder and his team have generated tens of millions more in D.R.M. sales and remain passionate and deeply committed to helping as many other people do it as possible.

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