write for us

write for us

Are you a speaker, coach, advisor, entrepreneur or simply a writer with knowledge and an opinion to share; we are looking for you.

We are looking for you to share your knowledge with our readers. Raise your profile as an authoritative voice in your industry, skill and profession. Reach a diverse profile of people of knowledge seekers to business owners.

All that we ask is that you have a powerful message to write about and know how to present it. Should the need be there, our SEO editors are always at hand to give your writing a touch of flavor to increase readability and Search Engine Optimisation.

Experience and background in the field you are writing about will be a great advantage but the ability to write a sensible article is a tick for anyone with a burning desire to share something with our readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are you paid? For now, all content shared in our magazine is contributed by people who would like to share their knowledge for the purpose of building their online profile for the industry they are in i.e. a financial Advisor that writes about financial matters may link to their own website for exposure and traffic.

We are earnestly seeking contributing writers who can consistently and passionately put their hearts in writing and participate in our call; Building and Changing Lives for Good.

How to benefit? The general benefit besides sharing your knowledge with other is promoting yourself as a writer on another platform. For example, if you are a Counsellor you can address a particular issue on a weekly basis, create credibility, become an authority, with a well-written profile just below your article and have prospects call you up. With unique daily pageviews of 1000+ you are sure to attract a decent amount of traffic.

What you must know about us before you send in your article.

  1. Who we are: We are the Business Entrepreneur Magazine that focuses on sharing knowledge with individuals that have an Entrepreneurial spirit in Business or Professional lives.
  2. What would you write about: Our focus areas are: Personal Development, Business Skills, Life Skills (Inspirational and Motivational) and Lifestyle (cars, homes, fashion and more)
  3. Our style: Serious content on serious issues presented the simple way. We would like to have your personal touch with your story and experience.

3 Questions to ask yourself before writing for us

  • Am I teaching something of value?
  • Am I inspiring with my experience?
  • Am I living up to the vision of developing others?

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