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We are currently looking for someone to write about the following;

  • Money, Wealth & SuccessWriting about how to make money, how to save and Invest, Grow and Manage wealth, from saving tips to trading skills, and wealth planning like legal and estate planning. (Word count: 500-750 words)
  • Business & EntrepreneurshipBusiness issues for start-up, growing and managing business i.e. Business basics like branding, Sales, and Marketing, Business ideas Employee relations, Business funding etc. (Word count: 500-750 words)
  • Personal DevelopmentPersonal development issues i.e. career building, work-life balance, motivation, leadership, how-to guides, etc. (Word count: 500-750 words)
  • LifestyleShare your knowledge with views and reviews on the latest fashion, reviews on health and fitness, and home and travel. (Word count: 400-600 words with images)
  • Tech: All things tech, from the latest cars, gadgets, mobiles, and music. Our readers want to read your content. (Word count: 400-600 words with images)

Ideal contributor: It would be of great benefit and advantage to you to have a product or service which you offer in line with the subject matter you are writing about i.e. branding consultant writing about branding and marketing.

Guidelines for Writers

  • Articles should be original and have not already been published elsewhere on the net. (No duplicate content).
  • All backlinks should be topic-related websites Personal Development, Business, Wealth and Lifestyle (No adult content). (SPONSORED)
  • The article(s) should relate to Personal Development, Money, Business, Wealth, Health, Lifestyle, and Tech; ideally, step-by-step guides, skills knowledge, tips and techniques, and life hacks that would add value to our readers.
  • Please submit at least 2 images (minimum 1200px X 900px) for each post, including one to be used as a featured photo.
  • No adult content will be accepted.
  • We will promote your guest post on our social media.
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